Our Founders



Rıfkı Yaman, founder of Sürtas, was born in Akşehir, 1943. He operated glassware store together with his elder brothers.

He operated grocery store in Kıztaşı, Fatih. In 1973, he started business of plastic injection and silk printing in Tahtakale. In 1975 he started to manufacture stainless steel forks and spoons untill 1985. 

Surtas has been established in 1985 by him together with his Son. In 1999, he established foundation of current Sürtaş building in KIRAÇ and put the new building into service in 2000. He increased the production capacity in 2002 and made investments in new machinery. He passed over the management of Surtas to his son, RENAN YAMAN, in 2003 and take over Board Chairman position. In 2005, number of countries Sürtaş exports reached to 63.

Message of our Founder

"The greatest wish I had was to export all world. We succeed to this by the support of our workers and my family, thanks to God. With respect to manufacturing, we match the world, by making the best products and combining the most advanced technology with our efforts and honesty. Our efforts shall continue to grow and be the best in our field."