Research & Development
Sürtas is one of the biggest organizations worldwide in the field of furniture manufacturing, shop fitting, stand design and production both for domestic and foreign markets since 1985. With almost 400 employees and tens of engineers and export to 90 countries, it constantly improves its production and capacity all the time. Undertaking the mission to implement creative, unique, experimental and technical works with its technological infrastructure and experienced personnel.

We, as Sürtaş family, work with a team model and share honor of our achievements by involving with, and even direct, constant developments of technology and world standards, rather than just watching when they happen.

We are pleased to meet requirements of the chosen world brands and successful organizations in our country for many years.

In line with demands of the customers, our industrial designers produces new stands, easy to install, cost-effective, easy to transport and, most importantly, in ergonomic structure. Design process starts upon demand by the customer and continue till confirmation of the customer for the sample of the finished product.

1/1 scale model of the product is created on computer. Mechanical design of the parts operating simultaneously with each other is detailed. These technical studies are performed in order to test prototype and product processes in virtual setting. Engineering analysis and tests are performed in order to search and estimate operation limits of the products under the operating conditions.

Graphic Design
On the technical drawings from the design engineers, graphical design is applied on the fields reserved for graphical components. The process covers a working Schedule in line with customer demands and requirements received from agencies or directly from customers.

alternative designs can be generated and tested in a very short time. Thanks to quick prototyping and exact matching, problems are detected just during process of design and eliminated. Upon determination of prototype production method, study for prototype production is made with proper computer software. Our workshop has great importance for accelerating sample making without disturbing production. Upon confirmation of the prototypes, it proceeds to production of the article

Our production line is equipped with advanced technologies in cutting, bending and welding and focused on fast, high quality production with all our personnel.

The packaged products are mounted and packed and then they are shipped after approval of the quality control department.   

Logistics Services
Optimal logistics service and cost effective services are given to its clients with its in-house freight forwarder in 90 countries. Ready to share its 20-year-old experience with its clients basis on EXW, FOB, DAP and DDP terms and tracking all the logistics operations from one point.